About AdiBlogger

We both know blogging isn’t easy these days, In fact 70 million posts being published each month by WordPress users alone. And this is isn’t that much easy to get that laptop lifestyle that every internet marketer dreams of…..

But I’m sure you wanted to make your own impact on peoples and become a brand that everyone respects.

And probably you have some goals related to your blogging experience:

  • You want to learn something and become PRO.
  • You probably want to make a good living.
  • Make an Impact on peoples and achieve the success you deserve.

Welcome to Adiblogger. Let’s make that stuff happen. Sound good?

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Why I created AdiBlogger?

Going on a journey without a map, how does it sound like? It’s probably a bad idea, without a map you would get lost and never find the right way.

You can become a successful blogger

Now see?

That’s also getting applied to real life, before you starts anything you need a map. Blogging is fun but at the same time it’s getting harder and harder.

 And most of the time lot’s of newbie’s lost their way and probably quit there blog within 6 months.

I know how it feels when all your previous hard work get wasted but at the end of the day it’s  not a waste it’s a experience it means you learn something new, at least that’s what I learned from my previous 12 unsuccessful  blogs.

And believe me the past 3 years of my life was full of new experiences. Back then when I was a newbie I struggled a lot, Why?

Because I don’t have a map, And that’s why I created AdiBlogger, to be the map of your journey, and lead you to the right path in blogging.

Just Who The Heck Are You, Dude?

My name is Aditya, a big weeb, and a part-time blogger.

In my opinion I’ve pretty awesome time in past 3 years. My passion is helping newbie bloggers to lead to the right path and do the same thing as I’m doing.

I started Adiblogger on last year in the global pandemic situation, after twisting & testing with 12 domain name, and since then I’ve gained a good amount of knowledge and experience about blogging.

And now I wanted to share my experience with you by sharing best valuable information on blogging.

If you want to connect with me then you can email me here => [email protected] Or You can also connect with me on Twitter with this shiny button:

I hope you find this site helpful to you! Feel free to reach out at any time.

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