Convertkit Affiliate Program: Can You Make $1000 A Month In 2021?

Convertkit Affiliate Program Review

There are TONS of Affiliate Programs out there.

But if you want to generate a passive income, you probably want to go with recurring commission.

And if your site promotes email marketing services, you probably know there are dozens to choose from.

Convertkit is a top email marketing tool with over 404,629 creators using and promoting it.

So today I’m going to review the convertkit affiliate program. 

Let’s get started!

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About Convertkit

Nathan BarryIn previous career Nathan Barry has been a designer, author and blogger. He was eager to leave his job, he wanted to make money from the internet and wanted to be known, So he thought making a blog is the easiest way to do that. 

At the time Nathan only had 800 subscribers in his email list, but he noticed that there were bloggers who had published eBooks and publicly shared their revenue numbers, and that made him realize, ‘oh, you can make some money publishing an eBook, even to a small audience.’

So he decided to write a book on how to design an iphone application. The App Design Handbook came out in September 2012, He launched the book to his list and within 24 hours he made $12,000 and by the end of the first week he made $20,000

After the success of his first book Nathan launched his second book and it performed even better, bringing $25,000 on the first day. But it also taught him a valuable lesson that would plant the earliest seeds of ConvertKit: that email marketing was very, very powerful.

After learning the power of email marketing he gave a successful blogging career to build Convertkit. And In 2013 Convertkit was born. 

Convertkit is a platform made by creators, for creators, The company’s  mission is to help creators to earn a living online. In 2013 Nathan Barry created a web application with the goal of generating $5000 recurring monthly revenue, But Convertkit flew over his expectations as now it’s making millions.

Convertkit mostly keep themselves public, and share everything with their users, from soaring success to epic failure. The company has pretty big visions, and the one convertkit’s vision is to help their users to make billion dollars using Convertkit. To know more about Convertkit you can visit there About page 👉

How to become a Convertkit Affiliate?

You can promote Convertkit even if you’re not a Convertkit user yourself. All you have to do is to sign up and you’ll be able to promote the service right away. I know it’s hard to find convertkit’s affiliate page as it’s not mentioned on their homepage or navigation bar.

But you can always search for it on google. 

Convertkit Affiliate Page

Compared to other affiliate pages, the Convertkit affiliate page is not the best, as it is missing essential information like cookie duration and FAQ section. Convertkit affiliate page only focus on getting the user to click on the Join button.

To join the affiliate program you can simply click on the join button and then you’ll get redirected to this page:

Convertkit Signup Page

Just enter your email address and password and then click on the next button, after you complete the first step, you have to answer some few more questions.

Convertkit More questions

After you fill up the all essential questions just click on the submit application button. And afterwards convertkit will review your application and if they find you suitable for their service, they will accept your application.


Convertkit Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Convertkit pays out high 30% monthly recurring commissions. Although It’s not the best commission rate the market has to offer, it’s still a good commission rate according to the standard industry prices.

convertkit commission rate

Which means for every $29/month referral you’ll receive $8.70/month, which probably doesn’t sound much but remember it’s recurring until the person is paying for the account, if you want to build a passive income source it’s not a very bad option.

If your goal is to generate $1000/month with convertkit affiliate program you would have to only get 115 people to sign up through your link. You will be most likely to send a couple of accounts to Convertkit with 10,000 subscribers ($99/month) which you’ll get $30 per month recurring commission.

Convertkit allows you to promote more than their email marketing service, for instance you can promote their “creator pass” , creator pass include pass to two courses which teaches peoples to build their email list and build business online. 

Creator pass is either $199 or $299 one time payment and you will receive 30% one time commission.

creator pass

However, Convertkit now operates last-click attribution so if someone read your review and then clicked on your affiliate link and didn’t purchase, but read someone else article and click on their link and purchase from there, then you’ll not receive any commission. 

The Convertkit affiliate page misses some essential information like cookie period, The referral period on Ambassador used to be 30-day, but now on LinkMink it is 90-day, which is great.

Affiliates can only receive their payment through Paypal. There is no other withdrawal option. Convertkit pays out on the second of each month. Since there is a minimum delay of 30 days (to account for any refund). But unlike any other affiliate program Convertkit does not have a payment threshold, you can even withdraw your $8 commission. 

How to make $1000 a Month with Convertkit Affiliate Program?

Convertkit affiliate program is a great opportunity to make $1000+ a month. If you intend to market Convertkit to an audience for a long time, then you can indeed build a passive income using Convertkit.

So, here are some ways to get people to sign up through your affiliate link:

Write a Review OR Comparison Article

convertkit review

If you’re a long time user of a service or product, writing a review article is the best method to promote that product/service. 

Your blog’s review articles generate money, and they’re often what keep your earnings up. Most time writing a review article works better, as it’s super targeted and converts better.

It’s probably HARD to rank for the product review, as everyone wants that affiliate commission. But you can write a comparison article as it’s a bit less competitive from the review articles.

But if you’re really serious about ranking your review, you’ve to create 10x better content than the others. You’ve to be honest with the readers. You can’t just keep bragging about the tool, you’ve to talk real.

So here are some tips to make your review stand out in the crowd:

Tip: Many people don’t link to someone else’s review so try to feature your review on your homepage as it will pass the link juice to your review.

Create a Youtube Video About The Product

Videos are growing rapidly, and most people prefer to watch videos rather than read an article. In Databox’s recent survey, 74% of respondents said that videos are more effective than blog posts. 

Videos tend to convert better than written content, and in case you have a Youtube channel creating a video review is a must. You can just talk about your experience with the product and promote it to your audiences.

convertkit review youtube

With some proper Video SEO, you’ll be able rank for your targeted keyword, and even if you can’t rank for the keyword you can create an engaging video, as long as it is engaging, YouTube will keep promoting it.

Even if you have less than 1000 views on your review, it will convert well. You can add your affiliate link in the description, saying something like “Get Your Free Trial Now”. 

review video affiliate link in description

OR if you have a budget to spend on ads you can run Youtube ads to your review, if you have a nice budget you can spend it on Youtube ads, as it will only charge you if someone watches the ad for 30 seconds or more.

Tip: You can pin the most amazing comment on your Youtube video to increase people’s trust.

Mentioning In Your Email Sequence

convertkit affiliate link in email

According to the marketing insider group, the follow up sequence has a high open rate of 46.1% and conversion rate of 5%. 

Email marketing is powerful. Even if you have less than 500 subscribers on your list, you can still make a good profit. Email is up 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. The same study also shows that the buying process happens 3 times faster than in social media.

As mentioned earlier in the article, How Nathan Barry (The Convertkit Founder) made more than $12,000 within 24 hours promoting his first book to his 800 email subscribers.

You can emphasize the importance of email marketing, give tips on how to use it effectively, and mention that ConvertKit is a tool that you recommend and use.

Creating a “Email marketing guide for beginners” is a good way to capture emails from targeted audiences, and then either you can promote your link in the eBook or in the email sequence OR you can even link out to your resource page.

You can even run Facebook ads for it and capture more email subscribers to your list.

Create a free email marketing course

A very excellent and clever way to promote your affiliate link. The popularity of free courses is on the rise and they convert well. You can do the same, by creating a free email marketing course that will attract a very targeted audience.

Free email marketing course

Not only will those audiences convert very well, but they will also become active audiences, who will not just view your content, but also share it with others.

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Indeed creating a free course is not just a strategy to create new audiences but to promote your product or services, and the best part is that this can be scaled by paid advertising. A free course will act like a lead generation machine for your brand.

So, how do you create this free course?

But first you’ve to achieve the results first, so that people can trust you and your content. You can start by researching what others are adding in their course and what you can do differently. In short, research the topic extensively.

After you pretty much have the idea you can start by creating the outline of the course. Based on the materials you’ve gathered and your outline and research from the previous steps, you can now create the actual content for your online course.

Done! That’s all you need to do, right? 🤔


The Final part is the most important part, Promotion.

Without promoting the course no one will enroll in the course even if it’s free, because there will be no one to watch the course. So after the course is ready you have to promote it extensively.

But before you even start promoting your free course, I highly recommend you to create a funnel for your course. So, what is a funnel? … On a website, traffic arrives upon and travels to any area (such as a page or post), while on a funnel, traffic flows linearly from one point of entry to through a sequence of actions leading to a specific goal.

sales funnel example

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There are few ways that you can generate free traffic to your course like SEO, but it takes time and effort. But if you have a good budget for the promotion, you can run ads for your course.

If your visitors left your landing page and did not enroll, you can retarget them; because retargeting is the key. Watch this video to know more about facebook retargeting ads:

Or even best option, upload your course on YouTube and get free traffic to your free course funnel.

free email markeiting course on youtube

But do not forget to set up a follow up email sequence for your free course. 

convertkit email sequence

So even after they leave the landing page you can mention the tool or service in your emails.

Mentioning in your “Tools I Use” page

People like to see what tools or services you’re using to grow your business. In case you can create a resource page and mention the tools you’re using.

affiliate resource page

You can even mention your review article about the tool or services.

Case Study: How Pat Flynn (the #1 Convertkit Affiliate) Made $300k from Convertkit Affiliate Program

In this video Pat Flynn talks about how he made more than $300k in passive income from one product (Convertkit).

You can watch the full video above or read the main takeaways that I highlighted from the video. So here are some major strategies used by pat flynn to generate $300k in passive income from convertkit.

Strategy #1: Create Demonstration Video of you using the Tool

convertkit demo video

This is something that anyone can do, create a video demo of you using the tool, and it’s actually a pretty smart way to promote the tool. Because keywords like ”Convertkit Demo” search only when they are interested in the tool.

Maybe they want to switch their email service or want a sneak-peek of the tool. It makes sense because when people want to buy something They want to see before they buy it. 

Show them the useful features and Insight of the tool. You’ve to make it look like how easy it is to use the tool, there are these audiences who want to know and your job is to connect those two.

Strategy #2: Mentioning in the Resources page

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Motion the tool in your resource page. People love to see what tools you’re using and you can mention it and promote it, you can just casually mention in your blog or video saying something like “Hey I’ve mentioned all the tools that I use and recommend, check out this page”. 

affiliate resource page

Strategy #3: Create a Video Tutorial Series

Creating a video tutorial series is another great strategy. You can teach people the process and you can actually sell something without selling something.

And video series are a very shareable thing, if you’ve an article on your website you can put the whole series

video series email marketing

Strategy #4: Create List Video Or Article

list type video

Often list posts and videos tend to do better, you can create a listicle type video like “Top 5 Best email marketing tool” and list convertkit in it.  And even if the viewer is already using a different service, he may find a service in your video that he doesn’t know.

And apparently if you have a demo video on there you can mention it, and if the viewer finds the tool easier than the tool he was using before you may get a sale. 

Strategy #5: Promote with a Checklist

email markeitng checklist

It may sound illogical, you may how a checklist and tool are related. But here is an example, you create an blog post on “Email Marketing Checklist” you mentioned tons of points, no #1, #2, #3, #4 and so on….

Now the point no #8 is about the thing that only convertkit can do, so by offering an audit to your audience you’re offering them a lot of value you’re not just allowing them to read the post but walk through it.

People want to nail everything on the list. Feature that only the tools you’re promoting have like segmenting and tagging your audience. They’re reading your checklist and suddenly be like “oh my tool don’t have this thing”

And that will pretty much do the thing. That’s how you will convert people from other email marketing service providers.

That’s all there is to it. That’s how Pat Flynn made $300k in passive income from the Convertkit Affiliate program.

The best part is that you can implement these strategies right away

If you found this case study inspiring, you can watch the full case study on YouTube.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
30% monthly recurring commission
Last-click attribution
90-day referral period
The payout can take up to 60 days
No threshold for withdrawing
Possible to receive payouts only through PayPal
ConvertKit has a 14-day free trial which increases the conversation rate
High prices than other email providers
Possibility to link to ConvertKit’s free workshops

Should You Join Convertkit Affiliate Program?

Yes! you can join the convertkit affiliate program and promote it to your audiences. Convertkit is a great opportunity to earn 30% recurring passive income. However the affiliate page is not so great and misses a lot of important information.

But, on the bright side convertkit is an awesome tool, which definitely satisfies user’s needs and is worth investing in. 

And the affiliates are pretty happy to 😆:


Convertkit's Affiliate Program is a customer referral program which allows you to promote Convertkit to your audiences and make 30% recurring affiliate commission.

Yes! Convertkit is completely affiliate friendly, you can share you affiliate link wherever you want and earn 30% recurring commission with no payout threshold which is obviously great.

The one of the best way to promote your Convertkit affiliate link is to promote to your email list, and create a YouTube demo video. You can check out the strategies that I shared in this post

Signing-up is pretty basic and simple – enter your name, surname, and email. After ConvertKit sends you auto-generated password on your email and instantly you’re an affiliate account. Affiliate links are already prepared for sharing. Therefore all you have to do is to edit your profile and add PayPal payment information.

Resources Mentioned In the Article


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NOTE: Some of them may Include Affiliate link AND no additional cost will charged to you. But the tools you’ll get here are completely trustworthy & I personally use them, So no worry.

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